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17 Jun 2014

leftOne of the big questions posed by folks who undergo facial hair transplant surgery is "how long before they can actively socialize?"

Well, facial hair transplant surgery or any hair transplant surgery results in minor swelling, scabbing and bruising. These may (depending on the patient's age), take anything from 4 days to one week to fully disappear.

Additionally, folks who have undergone facial hair transplant surgery might be required to take medications for a short duration. It might not be advisable to actively socialize while taking these medications.

Understanding Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure which is undertaken to make the patient socially presentable by creating a more natural hair density on the head of eyebrows. During hair transplantation hair is taken from the sides or back of the scalp to serve as donor hair. Genetically, this hair tends to be permanent and less susceptible to hair loss.

There are primarily Hair Transplant Surgery CA techniques popularly used in hair transplantation; the FUG and the FUE technique. The technique used will differ from patient to patient and depend on the patient's pattern and degree of hair loss.

These techniques when performed correctly are capable of creating truly aesthetic and natural appearing results. Obviously, the recovery is also faster.

By and large, younger the patient, more rapid the recovery - younger patients can probably hit the social circuits within the week.

The length of the hair also plays an important part. As a rule of thumb, longer the hair, lesser the time required to recover and socialize.

Finally, the speed to Hair Transplant Surgeons California recovery lies in the correctness of the procedure that was adopted. There is a general misconception amongst the public that hair can be taken from any location. The truth is just the opposite.

The location of the donor and recipient areas is vital and so too is the hair orientation. The way the hair is implanted - for example, a staggered pattern versus a straight line will also change the quality of the result. It is therefore always advisable to visit a professional hair transplantation clinic of repute. Obviously the more experienced the hair transplantation clinic, the quicker your will be your facial California Hair Transplant recovery.


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